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Sat down with Jesse Burtner the other day to sign our cover shot for Japanese snowboard mag Freerun. He’s gonna have to mount it on a load bearing wall, because that 500 page behemoth of a magazine will take down most measly household walls and leave a large hole in the floor.




Nike: The Opening Athlete Portraits

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I recently completed a shoot with Nike Football for their “The Opening” event taking photos of their athletes. The guys where hilarious to work with and were naturals in front of the lens. Here are a few choice shots. For the rest of the five days worth of galleries click here!


Covershot No.2

Brought to us by Freerun Magazine from Japan. Good luck trying to find a copy stateside. So take it in all of its Japaneezy glory here. Both shots were shot in Anchorage,AK back in March. The contents photo was taken on the 21st of March which was supposedly the biggest full moon in decades. We drove up to Flat Top mountain for the occasion. Turns out  this is where Jesse Burtnter actually took his first turns on a snowboard…  the SAME snowboard he’s riding in the photo. Talk about coming Full Circle on an Full Moon! Burtner turns into a beast on his board.


The opeinig @ Nike Football

Myself and the G.O.A.T. Jerry Rice!

Photo shoot I’m doing for “The Opening” at Nike Football this week. Stay tuned on the daily’s, might see some NFL hero’s from the past, present and most defiantly future!

More info on “The Opening” Here.

Well now, that’s different…Metal Mercedes?

The Grand, Grand Canyon Post.



Last month my step-dad and I headed out to the Grand Canyon. I highly recommend it. We spent three days and two nights and maybe saw a fraction of what the canyon has to offer. I will definitely be going back. Just not when its over 120.F , no thanks!




If you’ve been under a rock for the past week or don’t give a shit about snowboarding, then let me enlighten you to Spring Break Snowboards by artist, Corey Smith. Spring Break Snowboards is a line of experimental hand-crafted shred sticks other companies wish they could make.

Fun In The Sun. Last Week @ Snowqualmie “Da Lawsuit Edish”

Last week I went to Summit at Snowqualmie for a Think Thank shoot. We lucked out and had great weather most the time. Besides the rain, sleet, and hail that decided to grace us, it was suns out  guns out the rest of the time. Stacked some jamon’s for sure.

Here we see Chris Beresford with that no rider back tail, new shit.

Sean Lucey “Da Lawsuit” got some proper moves.

This is Chris Beeresford pre b-day celebrations.

Think Thank don’t discriminate, Nikki stackin dat footy.


Studio Sundell’s: To Live And Die In Shanghai.

As Promised: To Live And Die In Shanghai.

Thanks for everyone’s hard work, this was a really fun challenge and learning experience!

To Live And Die In Shanghai Movie Poster.

I recently had the privilege to head up cinematography on Studio Sundell’s latest venture: “To Live And Die In Shanghai”. What started out as another photo shoot for the team at Studio Sundell, turned into a hybrid high fashion photo shoot/ cinematic adventure in Shanghai’s mafia. Made possible by a cast and crew of 50+ of Portland’s finest. I’ll post the short film and more this week!