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Alaska, March 2011

Bunch no gooders up to no good.

Steal Ross’ wheat thins, this is what happens.

Ross still rocking the Japanese Frogskins.

Betta axe somebody, we’ve done entirely too much shoveling and ice breaking this trip.

Mike Mo has a hard time standing up, or he has to much fun falling of cliffs.

Bro, this spot is hella…

Mike Mo repping the LRG for AK.

Gus mah flying through the air like a madman.

More to come soon!

*last two images courtesy of Sean Genovese.




Opossum Poppin’

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Reason # 229 why I love Portland. You can ask a passerby to jump not so fresh roadkill on rollerblades.


Eric Messier made this while we were in Reno/Tahoe. Duh.



Endless Fuckin Energy, While Your Flying 500 Fuckin Miles Through The Fucking Air! Fuck Yeah America

The text says: “Monster lo-carb delivers a wicked buzz and has a smooth flavor you can really savor. So when its time to jet, grab a MONSTER and go nonstop.”

Yeah, someone got payed to write that.





Made in Oregon.

I made this print for Mr. Silas Beebe. He had contacted me about getting a print for his house because the page he took out of the magazine had seen better days. It’s easy to forget how nice it is to hold a photograph rather than just looking at it on a screen.

This photo was taken during Snowpocolyps 08 in Portland on the West end Burnside bridge.  Busting a nearly flatground handplant is Videographer Austin Will. Who was in fact, “Made in Oregon” sometime in the 80’s.  They have since changed the neon sign. (booo)  So it’s nice to have a lil piece of history captured in the photo.

P.S. Big thanks to Jeremy for awkwardly inspecting my photo, Thanks Jeremy!


Gus Engle and Johnny Miller Double Trouble Interview! Method Mag.

Check out the interview action from Gus and Johnny captured in text by Method Magazine,  stills from Bob Plumb, Andy Wright and myself!

Click HERE!


*Tearsheet* King Snow 2.3 Gus Engle Interview.

King Snow Mag has an interview with Gus Engle. Read here about how Gus met god in person while in London and how he copes living in the hills of Mordor.


Booooooooo TSA… Boooooo!


Unpacked to find a late X-mas gift in my luggage. Thanks TSA!

RIP: Sunpak 555.

Check out the new 2011 Geno-ary issue of Snowboarder Magazine, Eh! *Tear Sheet*

A real Canadian’s Canadian Sean Genovese got a few shots in the Jan. Issue of Snowboarder Magazine. Two of the shots we snagged at Super Park 14 in Mammoth, CA. The last shot we stacked up in AK at this frozen overflow reservoir thing.  Thanks Sean, for flinging your carcass in front of the lens and times when I pressed a button!


Colin Caroll Enters A New Decade.

Colin Caroll (Pictured with shotgun and whiskey bottle) turned 30 this past week, we drove out to the woods and celebrations were had, Chocked full of firearms and whiskey. Happy Birthday my friend!


Film- Fuji FP-3000B